Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sad about Gonu? - please share your experience with us

This blog has been set up to aggregate information on the web regarding the recent tropical cyclone Gonu that has struck Oman and Iran. Please submit your stories, comment freely and post links to videos, pictures, blog articles and news articles for the benefit of all those affected.

It is very unfortunate that large international media organisations such as CNN and the BBC (!) have failed to provide the public with decent coverage of such a catastrophic event, except for detailed analysis on how their oil supplies might be affected. It appears that their priorities are to serve the idiotic masses who are more interested in knowing what happens to a false celebrity and her imminent charges for drunk driving.

In this day and age if you want real news coverage, YOU, the reader, have to participate and contribute directly. Thanks to the world wide web, and publishing platforms that allow you to post articles online (blogs) and photo/video sharing sites (, this is now possible.

At the time of starting this blog, note these stats for search term "Gonu": shows 5,710 links to blog posts. search for "Gonu" shows 768 photos. shows 132 videos. already has a detailed entry on Gonu with several hundred edits by users from around the world. shows 44 links to articles under "غونو" (Gonu). shows 9 links to articles about the storm, the top link is titled: "Oil prices drop as storm weakens". shows 10 links to brief articles covering the event.

Where will you go next time you want up to date coverage of an important world event?

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